Talero Tequila

7 Aug

Talero Tequila is the only bio-certified organic tequila on the market today. Big Deal, what does that mean and more importantly how does it taste. I spoke with the rep while I was tasting the tequila today. I couldn’t understand why they went through the trouble of being certified organic, I have not heard anyone ask for bio-certified organic alcohol, let alone a tequila. But there you go, we now have one on the market.

So how was the taste, as everyone these days compares themselves to patron, I have found many to taste so much better than Patron I usually don’t like the comparison, it cheapens the better tequila. But not Talero, I think the comparison is a good one. What I don’t like about Patron is the both the burn down your throat and the flavor in the mouth, which is not great. To give patron its props, they were the first to create premium tequila.

Talero, is a good premium tequila, if it wasn’t for the organic label, I would not have bothered tasting it. However, after tasting it, I can say that it is a silver and it is flavorful in the mouth. I was disappointed in how it went down, there is too much of a bite, very similar to Patron. Telero is better than Patron, but I have so much that is better in the store.


Laphroaig Cairdeas

30 Jul

On August 6th from 6 – 8:30 PM we will be doing a kickoff for Laphroaig Cairdeas. We will be tasting the entire line of Laphroaig offerings. The Caurdeas has been described as “Distinctively pale in color. Youthful, vibrant, and thumping, with thesea flowing through its veins. Coal tar, peat smoke, brine, seaweed, bright fruit (pear, tangerine), and soft vanilla all compete for attention.”

Not only will this be probably the first tasting in NJ/NY area, we will have food, give aways and a raffle for a round of golf. It should be fun, and on a Monday night we will pretty much have the store to ourselves.

Kamasutra Ginseng Vodka

19 Jul

Now for something completely different, Kamasutra Ginseng Vodka with special herbs for her. The bottle says everything. The taste is actually pleasant. It must be chilled before drinking but it is not as harsh as Jagermeilter, which what it is going up against. Supposedly the women love this and it is good for after drinking, if you get my drift.

Tasting Potato Vodka

19 Jul

It finally cooled off today, so we had a tasting the last couple of days. It is time to catch up. I did Karlsson Vodka the other day. It is made with virgin potatos, not that I thought potatos had sex but these are virgins. The nose was really interesting, it was something of undercooked french fries, could be freedom fries. The taste was pleasant, and was made to drink straight, what sold me was when we put in fresh cracked pepper. That made the taste pop for me. I felt it gave the nose a finish and settled the flavor of the potato vodka. I can usually tell immediately when I am drinking potato vodka verse a wheat or corn vodka. I prefer the latter styles, but Karlsson was good enough to bring into the store.

So What’s New

12 Jul

I don’t know about anyone else, but my creativity goes way down when it is so hot outside. I apologize for not staying current. It has also been too ht for tastings so things have been alittle slow. But let’s talk about Mezcal. I had a great one last week and it is coming in today. Sombra from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I really fell in love with the smokiness of this Mezcal. The finish was so smooth, it is my favorite type, lots of flavor in the mouth and nothing down the throat. It will be in today, so if you are looking for a really good mezcal, this is it.


28 Jun

Last night I did something unusual, I did a tasting at my home. I had 5 different aged sipping rums in my cabinet, I had 4  twenty somethings in my house and thought, let’s get their opinion on something they have never had. I had Don Q Grand Anejo, Mount Gay XO, Dictator 12 and Dictator 20 year.

Now the problem is I don’t have of them in the store. I will soon remedy that. All were very good and interesting, at least that was my opinion. The group of twenty somethings were not in total agreement. The  consensus was the Don Q Grand Anejo was the easiest to sip, it had wonderful flavors and a deep and aromatic nose with hints of molasses, caramel and allspice.

I really liked the dictator 20, I had been drinking it earlier in the day and thought it was very good, but the kids thought there was too much alcohol on the tongue. That is youth and a palate that hasn’t been soiled by all the other things I drink.

Thanks to my volunteer tasters, I am now able to make some decisions on what to bring in. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Booze does make life better

25 Jun

I found this artile while surfing toda

Let’s toast our new favorite scientists, a team from the Boston University School of Medicine who’ve found that folks who drink “in moderation” have a better quality of life than those who completely cut out the booze. The researchers tracked more than 5,000 50 year olds, and discovered that the regular drinkers scored highest when measured on factors including dexterity, emotion, cognition and mobility. “Overall, this study shows a positive relation between regular moderate alcohol intake and quality of life in middle-aged adults,” said the study’s authors. It’s worth noting that their definition of “moderate” alcohol consumption is “no more than 14 drinks a week, and no more than three a day for women and four a day for men.” Better crack open a bottle now if you want to meet your daily quota.

Let’s drink to that.